Detroit Free Press interviews U-M’s Maria Silveira, M.D., in ‘Matters of life and death’

When it comes to matters of life and death, research shows that more and more Americans are exploring the difficulties of end-of-life questions. The Detroit Free Press recently interviewed Maria Silveira, M.D., a palliative care specialist at UMHS and the Ann Arbor VA regarding her research on the topic.

According to advocacy groups across the nation, there’s a greater need for this type of planning now- a time when family members often live far apart, when family size are smaller and when people with chronic health problems are living longer.

As mentioned in the article, Silveira’s research indicated the willingness of elderly patients to sign end-of-life directives care has grown from about 30% in 2000 to 60% in recent years.

"They are more comfortable talking about death," Silveira says. "And they have had a lot of exposure in the media to the cases of other baby boomers, who have chose to take control of their death and dying, and the controversies as well."

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