How did the stethoscope come to be? Dr. Markel looks at the history in PBS column

They hang around the necks of countless clinicians, and every new medical student receives one as part of the ceremony welcoming them to their training.

But how did the stethoscope come to be invented?

In a new column on the website of the PBS Newshour, U-M medical historian Howard Markel, M.D., explores the history of this crucial piece of medical equipment. As it turns out, this week marks the anniversary of the publication of the first book by the stethoscope’s inventor.

Read the fascinating history, and see images, here:

This is the latest in the series of posts about significant anniversaries in medical and scientific history written for PBS by Dr. Markel, who directs the Medical School’s Center for the History of Medicine. Look at the bottom of the stethoscope article for links to past posts.

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