Windows 7 training shortcut on your XP machines now

Are you ready for your computer to be upgraded to Windows 7? All UMHS CoreImage devices will be upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 by the end of 2013.

The new Windows 7 operating system (OS) provides features which improve user productivity and enhance security. You will notice “look and feel” changes, but there are also many useful new features, such as:

1. Peek: If you have a lot of Windows open and want an easy way to navigate, view thumbnails of open windows from the taskbar.

2. Jump Lists: Right click on any open program, or pin, on your taskbar to directly open one your most recent documents.

3. Pin: Add your favorite programs to the taskbar.

4. Search: Windows 7 has improved search functionality right on the Start menu. Here, you can search for any file or program, or any file that contains the word you’re searching for.

5. Snip: Use the new Snipping Tool program (in the Accessories folder) to take pictures of your computer screen.

6. Snap: Arrange windows side-by-side by dragging windows to the edge of your screen.

7. Show desktop: Quickly cleanup all open programs from your desktop without closing them.

Get a head start learning about Windows 7 now! You can find links to the Windows 7 training material directly from the Start menu of your CoreXP workstation, as shown in this photo, or visit the Windows 7 training webpage. Here you can view videos, take an MLearning course, browse FAQs, or print Quick Start Cards and other handy documentation.

For instructions on how to use the 7 wins in Windows 7, see this flyer on the training webpage and this handout.