Dr. Sen’s study on sleep-deprived interns makes national news


In late March, a team of authors led by Srijan Sen, M.D., Psychiatry, published a paper in JAMA Internal Medicine that has attracted national media and social media attention.


Based on data from more than 2,000 interns across the country who were surveyed before and after new duty-hour restrictions took effect in 2011, the study questions the impact of those rules. Interns surveyed after 2011 reported making more patient-safety errors, the same incidence of depression symptoms, and no increase in sleep, compared with those surveyed while working under the previous rules.


News accounts have appeared on CBS News, ABC News, the Healthday newswire and the Boston Globe website, among many others. Today the American  Medical News, published by the American Medical Association, has a story. More articles are in the works.


Read more about the study in this UMHS press release.