It’s Match Day – where will our graduating students end up?

A student marks where he would spend his residency on the map during last year’s match day.

Today at noon, most of the students who will graduate from the Medical School in May will open plain white envelopes and learn where they have “matched” for residency and will spend the next three to seven years of their lives training in a particular specialty.

The Match Day tradition of bringing the entire class together for this dramatic moment will continue today at the North Campus Research Complex, where some brave students will even open their envelopes on stage and share their surprise with the entire class.

The event is open only to students and their invited guests, but you can be a virtual guest by checking the Medical School’s Facebook page this afternoon to learn how our students did and hear some of their stories. Visit for updates, photos and a video later today.

You can learn more about Match Day on this page:

To see some impressive stats and facts about our graduates and their residency matches, check out this infographic:

There’s also a map showing where our past graduates have matched in recent years here: Today, the class of 2013 will add their “pins” to the map as they prepare for the next stage of their medical careers.