New Clinical Home Page launches March 1

With valuable input from house officers, attending physicians, and numerous faculty and staff members, a new Clinical Home Page has been developed. This improved resource will be available for use by all UMHS clinical employees on Friday, March 1.

The Clinical Home Page is one of the most frequently accessed internal websites at UMHS, with more than 250,000 page views each week. Thanks to this recent renovation, the site is now more user-friendly, attractive and effective – with fewer words and more features.

Test the page before it goes live on Friday.

“We wanted to design a site that was more attractive and productive,” said Chief of Staff Robert Lash, M.D. “We are excited about adding valuable new features, like direct paging from the Clinical Home Page, and also updating the site so that it’s much easier to read on mobile phones and tablets.”

Here’s a quick summary of website improvements:
• Paging capabilities available directly from site
• Direct links to MiChart
• Easier to read
• Quicker to navigate
• Fewer words
• More attractive design
• Updated links
• Clinical news added
• Direct link to hospital cafeteria menu
• “Key” and wireless symbols eliminated
• Urgent news appears at top of page
• New Google search function, offering both internal and external search
• “More responsive” design, with text and format adjusting for improved readability on mobile and tablet devices

Please note: If you are viewing the site on your smart phone or tablet, it will be reformatted to fit your device. If your browser window is smaller than 960 pixels, and you are using FireFox, Safari or Chrome, the site will crush down into the tablet/smartphone view.

What’s the same?
• Most information and links
• Nearly all navigation
• Items are where you expect them
• While the Clinical Reference and Resource pages have been redesigned, the content on those pages remains the same

“We wanted to improve the site’s overall presence and functionality—without making unnecessary changes that could slow down a user’s search for information,” Lash said. “So, we upgraded the design and eliminated redundancies, but made very few changes to the order or navigation of the information.”

During the past six months, Dr. Lash gathered input from house officers and attending physicians, and then worked with internal web design and communication experts to incorporate their input and suggestions. To ensure a successful website launch, the beta site appeared on the Clinical Home Page for testing, feedback and further updates over the past month.

Now that the new and improved Clinical Home Page is going live this week, we need your feedback! Share additional comments or questions using the suggestion form. Your input matters and will be taken into consideration to further improve the site. Additional changes to the site may be made at a later date, when a number of Office of Clinical Affairs websites are updated.