UMHS nursing community will pursue Magnet Recognition

On Oct. 2, Margaret Calarco, Ph.D., R.N., senior associate director for Patient Care Services and chief nursing officer, announced that the UMHS nursing community will pursue Magnet Recognition.

Magnet Recognition is a designation awarded by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) for excellence in nursing practice environments and nursing practice. Approximately seven percent of the nation’s hospitals are Magnet designated organizations. Magnet Recognition reflects the presence of overall organizational and professional excellence, quality and safety, so everyone across the Health System will be involved in this process.

Over the years, UMHS has used the Magnet Recognition criteria as a framework for improving our clinical practice and has made significant improvements in staffing, practice environment, and patient and family care. The new Nursing Governance model will be an important step forward in continuing and sustaining these improvements.

Applying for Magnet Recognition will be a three-year process. We will initiate the process now and will plan to submit the application in 2015. Our primary goal is to integrate the work to be done for Magnet Recognition into our new Governance Model to continue our goal of providing the finest care to those who choose to place their lives in our hands.

“Working together to pursue Magnet Recognition will enable us to show the world all the work we have done to improve the practice environment, patient care, and the influence we have had on our profession, ” says Calarco. “We have much to be proud of and much to do and I welcome the opportunity to have our Nursing community show the world “the Michigan Difference!”’