U-M patient shares story of deep brain stimulation on “The Doctors” show today

The amazing story of Suzanne Schoenherr, a U-M patient who underwent deep brain stimulation, was broadcast today on “The Doctors” show, which can be seen locally on
WXYZ-Channel 7 in Detroit at 10 a.m.

Watch clips from the show and read a synopsis here.

Schoenherr had been living with and trying to manage her Parkinson’s Disease for almost 10 years. Medication did not control her tremors without serious side effects. She had to quit her job as a dental hygienist and had difficulty doing the simplest tasks like eating and walking.

“I want my life back. I want to be able to do something as simple as drinking a cup of tea and going out and being comfortable … I stay in because I don’t want to be a spectacle when I go to a party or a wedding. I don’t go shopping because I’m afraid I won’t be able to get back to the car. I’m at a point where life isn’t fun.”

But all that has changed now. Schoenherr’s deep brain stimulation procedure was a success and has virtually eliminated her tremors, which is dramatically portrayed in “The Doctors” segment.

You can watch a promo of the show here.

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