Post-holiday reminder – Password protect your portable electronic devices!

That elegant new tablet you received as a holiday gift could be the breeding ground for a security breach if you’re not careful.

The excitement about getting a new electronic toy sometimes overshadows the fact that we have to be vigilant about protecting the U-M information stored on it and that the device could be used by others to access confidential information.


• Password protect your portable electronic devices (laptops, tablets, PDAs, smartphones, etc.).

• Use secure Wi-Fi networks when using the device for work-related items.

• Do not use cloud storage for storing or transferring electronic Patient Health Information (ePHI); it is not approved for secure storage. Note: MCIT will introduce a new secure file sharing system called MiShare early this year.

• Use Cisco AnyConnect VPN software app to access UMHS and U-M VPNs (this will require user name and level 1 password):

• Immediately report lost or stolen items to your IT service provider. If you do not know who this is, or cannot contact them, immediately call the MCIT Help Desk at 936-8000.

The short amount of time it takes to assign your electronic device a password – and to use it – could make the difference in securing patient information and other confidential data.

Read more about it!

Main campus Mobile Device Security site:



Loss or theft:
UMHS Policy 01-04-505, Management of Information Systems Security Incidents (loss or theft),

UMHS Policy 01-04-502, Security of Portable Electronic Devices and Removable Media,

Securing smartphones:

Thumb/flash drives:
Inside View article: “Big penalties for losing tiny flash drives: Misuse individually identifiable information and you could end up in jail”

White paper aimed at faculty and research staff:

For more information, contact the MCIT Help Desk at 936-8000.